Our Pledge to our Patients

We pledge to provide:

  • NHS Services to our registered population as are defined by NHS and Public Health England
  • An environment where a patient can express a preference of practitioner. However, there may be occasions where this is operationally difficult, particularly in sudden illness and same day appointments. If a referral is required to another healthcare provider, we will aim to offer you a choice through the Electronic Referral System.
  • The NHS define that each patients record has a named accountable/usual GP. This does not prevent you from seeing any GP you wish.   If you would like to know who your accountable/usual GP is, please ask when next in practice. 
  • Newsletters to keep you up to date which can be picked up in practice or received by email.   Please sign up on the Newsletter page of our website.
  • copy of the referral letter is available to you. Please let reception or the doctor know if you would like a copy.
  • chaperone, when requested, by either you or the clinician
  • Toilets, including toilet for wheelchair users
  • Automatic doors, internal and external
  • portable induction loop system is available. Please ask at reception.
  • Baby changing facility in the disabled toilet. Unfortunately we do not have the facility to dispose of nappy waste and ask that parents take this home with them.
  • private room for breast feeding*.
  • private room for confidential discussions*.
  • Free parking, including disabled parking at the front door, and easy access to consulting rooms and toilets.
  • A wheelchair is available by request at reception.
  • Health information leaflets in the waiting area.
  • For your benefit, it is safer to offer consultations with professionals either face-to-face or by telephone. We do not consider it safe practice to take repeat medication requests or give medical advice by email.
  • If you would like a glass of water, please ask the reception team.
  • CCTV in the car park area.

* Please ask a member of the PCA Team if you would like the use of a private room.

Responsibilities of the Patient

We ask that you

  • Help our front of house team to help you — share as much information as possible to help them signpost you to a member of the team who will best be able to help.   Confidentiality rules apply to the PCA team the same as a GP. This will help us ensure that when a GP is needed they will be available.
  • Keep your appointment & arrive on time – if you are unable to keep an appointment please let us know as soon as is practical (phone, online or text) so that it can be offered to someone else. If you are late for your appointment (10 minutes) you may be asked to rebook and/or wait until the end of practice if a clinician is able to see you.
  • Value the Team – we appreciate that emotions sometimes run high, we do ask that you treat the team with respect and courtesy. We are here to help and it is not acceptable to verbally or physically abuse members of the team.
  • Value the support— It is unacceptable for patients to refuse treatment, care or services from a particular member of staff if the refusal is based on racially discriminating grounds. In such instances we may have to review whether you can remain registered with the practice. It is our joint responsibility to build mutual respect.
  • Contact us as soon as you have a service query to give us the opportunity to resolve it.
  • Keep personal details up to date, ie address, contact details, mobile number.
  • Switch off your mobile phone before your consultation to avoid interruption and keep all your personal belongings with you at all times.
  • Use the check-in screen and online services – to help us dedicate our time to answering telephones and enquiries at the reception.
  • We do not offer clinical advice by email. If you need clinical advice, we believe it is safer for you that this is done either face-to-face (with an appointment) or by telephone where there can be interaction and questions between both clinician and patient.
  • Please help us to keep our clinics running on time by not disturbing the doctor at the reception.
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